As you’re reading this I’ll be heading into my next surgery. Please send love, prayers and positive healing my way!

Now onto you…

Over the years, I’ve discovered some awesome weight loss and healthy lifestyle hacks, I use all the time that I wanted to share with you.

These range from supplements to lifestyle habits that I love that can help with performance, weight loss, energy and more.

Below you’ll find the links and more info:

Squat it out: I do 50 squats while brushing my teeth each morning. My motto, if you’re standing or sitting, squat it out. A little goes a long way! You do 3-4 sets of those a day and you’ll be bootylicious?

Coconut Oil: This is the only oil that doesn’t get stored as fat and reduces cravings and is great for belly fat loss. This is in so many things we will be making and can be used just like butter and for cooking at medium heat. learn the immense benefits of adding Coconut Oil to your diet to help with weight loss, adding more energy and beautiful hair, skin and nails and so much more, click here.

Lemon Water: This is my all-time fave and go-to, I have every morning and throughout my day. I sometimes vary it by adding ginger, coconut oil, cayenne pepper or apple cider vinegar but start with the basic and reap the benefits. Click here.

Cinnamon: this is so powerful for weight loss and stabilizing blood sugar levels, but you want the right kind of cinnamon called “true cinnamon” not the regular cinnamon, which can be toxic to the liver.

Spices Up Clean Foods: Eating healthy is delicious, but just like any meals, spices make a huge difference! I found Mrs Dash years about, all the spices are sodium free and super tasty! I love her “Table blend and garlic and herb”, but turmeric, black pepper, all Indian spices, cumin, coriander, rosemary, oregano, tarragon, garlic, onion, are all so healing for a woman’s body. Also, these spices are great for sautéing veggies, marinades, grilling and more!

Noodles: Regular noodles will have you gain weight quickly and spike your blood sugar…not what we’re going for here. Instead replace your regular pasta noodles with a “low carb noodle” called shirataki noodles” you can find these at a health food store or order online. If you can’t find these, then get a spiralizer for under $5 to make zucchini noodles or use a mandolin. Trust me, all you’re really wanting with the pasta are the sauce and whatever else is in there, the noodle is just for texture.

Water Bottle: In order to lose weight, aid digestions, age backwards, have beautiful skin and boost your immunity, you need to consume a least 3 liters of water per day. That’s ideal but I know many woman struggle with more than a few glasses. To ensure you get your water intake met, carry a 1 liter bottle with you and have it on you at all times. My fave is the Hydroflask, because it keeps liquids hot or cold forever!

What are some of your top weight loss, fitness and lifestyle tips?

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