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I spoke with a client, we’ll call her Tammy. Tammy is a new member of my Weight Loss For Life Group program that starts in April.

We did a call on connecting her with her cravings. She had many “AHA’s” but the one we just had was HUGE and I wanted to share it with you.

Tammy replaced her after dinner dessert with oatmeal (not a bad option), but now through our cravings connection call, she said, “I know I don’t actually need this after dinner BUT I don’t know why, I can’t seem to go a night without it, why is that? It’s all I think about.”

I asked her what it was about oatmeal – she explained it was warm and comforting, it was filling. This tells me it’s a Heart Craving – (VIDEO GIFT BELOW)

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In our coaching session, it was clear to me why she was doing this. I asked her the following 3 important questions that, depending upon the answer, can leave you wanting more food, especially when you don’t need it. The three questions are:

  1. Are you satisfied after your meal?
  2. Was it filling?
  3. Were you excited by your meal?

Her replies:

  1. No, I’m still hungry.
  2. I’m not satisfied, I make a meal separate from my family to keep on track with my diet and it’s boring. (I am changing this with her in my group program but we haven’t started yet 😉
  3. No, I’m not excited by my meal at all, I often eat it quickly and it’s boring

If this is what you’re doing, then, yes, you will still want to eat something sweet, because you’re not satisfied and your cravings will win.

Your mind wants what it knows, and only knows what you’ve trained it to believe and do.

This craving is coming from Tammy’s mind, not from her body, not from true hunger. This extra meal or snack is the difference between her feeling good and being at her ideal weight or her keeping the weight on and feeling bad.

See, healthy food, not healthy foods – that’s not what I’m talking about (Of course oatmeal is not a problem – but it becomes one when it makes you feel bad and is eaten to satisfy an emotional need other than hunger) …it truly doesn’t matter, what matters is your emotional connection and attachment to your worth around how you conduct yourself with food.

I told Tammy…

  1. You need to be excited by your meals or you will sabotage your weight loss.
  2. It is clear to me you are still hungry which is why you want the oatmeal and since it excites you and gives you pleasure, you do not want to let go of it. Therefore, instead, have the oatmeal for dinner and round it out with veggies and added protein, or find new meals that excite you and nourish your body, so you are left satisfied.
  3. If a meal leaves you still hungry then add more healthy fats and protein. You should be full for 3-4 hours after a proper meal.

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