What would you do if you couldn’t fail? If you knew it would be a success?

I’m serious, ~Contact.FirstName~, what would you do right now in your life?

I LOVE questions like this one, because I want you to take it and write it at the top of the page.

I want you to make 5 columns; Career, Body, Travel, Love, Your Dreams.

Under each column I want you to take 5 minutes and write 3-5 or more things you would do.

Here’s the thing, we limit ourselves all the time with excuses for why we can’t.  Many of these limitations have nothing to do with our own belief systems, but are the result of beliefs instilled in us from our family, teachers, friends and our overall upbringing.

Now it’s time to dismantle those limiting beliefs to get to the truth of what it is YOU REALLY WANT and the real reason why you CAN achieve it.

See, I often have women in my community, friends, myself included where we place limitations and have a very strong story as to why we can’t go for it.  It looks a little something like this…

I’m too old

Not thin enough

Not smart enough

Not talented enough

Not creative enough

Don’t have enough money

Don’t have the credentials

Don’t have enough experience

The ones bolded are the primary culprits I hear for why incredible women play small, hide in life, and keep themselves from their dreams.

It has nothing to do with these women not being able to achieve their dreams – their ideal body, the new job, get the raise, make millions, write a book, become a figure competitor, run a marathon, be a mother, heal past relationships…

The list goes on.

So today, my love, let’s get to the truth.  Let’s uncover what it is you really want and what incorrect belief systems you’re allowing to run the show.

Dieting is a beautiful distraction from going for the things you want that scare you.  It’s a beautiful way to stay small and hide, in fear of failure.

Aside from dieting, the other main behaviors and beliefs that can keep us stuck are:

Procrastination, gossiping, being super busy, never having enough time, taking care of everyone else all the time, not making time for yourself and being still.

What’s so powerful to know is this…

If you have a desire, a dream IT IS MEANT FOR YOU! Or you would not have it.

Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, this was one of my dreams. I’m still working on being a Beyonce backup dancer 😉

Not everyone wants to travel the world, or be an artist, or write a screenplay, or be a mother…

Today, take time to get real with yourself and identity what are the stories you are living into, that are keeping you from living the life you want in a body you love? 

Limitations and excuses are synonymous with stories that we tell ourselves and continue to live into.  Today is the day to change your story!

It’s very easy to allow them to run our lives and continue to sit and day dream about what it would be like for things to be different.

But instead of day dreaming, let’s start to take action and make your dreams your reality!

I’ve got you girl! Stay tuned for more tips to live your most empowered and epic life!

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