I got started on my self-development journey late.  

I often wonder why they don’t teach (thankfully in someplace they are starting too) law of attraction, the power of the mind, our words, and how we are in control of our life and our thoughts.  That we are energy and operate through our vibrational frequency.

Had I known the power of my words early on, and that my thoughts create my reality, this would have been a game-changer for me.

But the truth is, we aren’t here to be perfect or do it right all the time.

The life you’ve lived is perfect because it’s what you did – so it’s what was meant to be.  And what’s amazing is you can change it at anytime.

This is why people hire me – to bring them back to Wholeness and the limitless beings they are. So they master their mind and not live from the confinements of it.

We are here to live this human life and experience it all.

The good, the bad, the sad, the hard, the incredible moments, laughter, love.

For how would we know love, if we didn’t know loss.

How would we know happiness without pain or suffering? 

In the work I do, I constantly tell my clients and remind my community that your soul did not come here to suffer.  

It did not come here to struggle, or live a hard life.  

To dangle your desires before you, but never let you have them.

And yet this is how many feel and this is what they believe to be true.

Is this you? 

Does it feel like life is hard and nothing ever works out for you? 

Yes, bad things happen, yes some grow up with more hardships, but the lens in which you choose to see yourself and your life through is up to you

Do you see the blessings? Or do you see the lack? 

Do you see good or only the bad? 

Where is your focus? Because what we focus on attracts and magnetizes more of the same.

Your soul came here for 5 very distinct reasons:

  1. To be happy and be in “en – joy” (that is what the word “enjoy” means…to be “in-your-joy”)
  1. To be expressed – the most stifling thing to your soul is to bypass your emotions, ie. to live in silence.  

Anger is beautiful, sadness is a part of being human, joy is infectious, sensuality is a part of our biology.  Be you in all you do.  

Trying to be anyone but you, is excruciatingly painful to your soul, which is why it always feels bad when we are in judgment or comparison to another – or when we hide who we really are and try to be like someone other than ourselves.

  1. To create – only you are you. So what you create is unique and can only be done and shared through you.  Whether it’s children, art, words or kindness.
  1. To expand through experience – i.e. to live this life fully, boldly and unapologetically
  1. TO BE YOU – to return to who you truly are before you ever thought you were not enough or tried to someone other than you.

Today, I invite you to follow your joy, to count your blessings and to choose to see through the lens of love in all you do!

Then tonight, check in and see how happy your soul feels to you.  

I guarantee you’ll be smiling and going to bed with a full, happy heart.

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