On this episode of the Wholeness podcast, Melissa Kathryn talks about the function of the four archetypes and describes what it looks like to be an Avoider. In order to make real and lasting change in any one area of your life, you ultimately must identify who you want to be and the actions and beliefs that go along with that identity. When you make this mental shift, your body is empowered to make positive changes that spread from that focus area of your life into all aspects of your existence.

Melissa Kathryn created the archetypes as a way of describing the four main ways that we self-sabotage and how understanding our tendencies can help us overcome and surpass expectations. Self-sabotage is when part of your personality acts in conflict with another part of your personality. It is likely that each person will identify with several of the archetypes, but one will be predominantly descriptive of their current self-sabotage beliefs.

The Avoider Archetype is characterized by talking about needing to make a change (like starting a diet) but never actually taking the necessary steps to get there, making excuses, dwelling on past regrets or failures, not trying, not trusting herself, not believing that what she wants is possible, fear of vulnerability, and truly desiring to be loved and validated. The key mantra for the Avoider is “I love and accept myself exactly as I am.” In order to start making positive changes, the Avoider is to get real about what they want and evaluate the steps they are taking to reach those goals. It is possible that they don’t genuinely want some of the things they say are their goals, which is why they are so resistant to taking the necessary steps.

Melissa Kathryn discusses where all of these thoughts and limiting beliefs originate and how things in the past hold the Avoider back from becoming who they really want to be. It is important for the Avoider to be cautious of their thoughts and actions because they are prone to becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. The most impactful action steps for the Avoider are to write a letter of forgiveness to themselves and perhaps others, to practice mirror work, and to notice their inner dialogue.

On the next episode of the podcast, Melissa Kathryn will describe the Perfectionist Archetype and how to break-free to make real lasting change.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Mindset coaching
  • Self-sabotage
  • What are the characteristics of the Avoider archetype?
  • Action steps for Avoiders to take

Key Quotes:

“Transformation is a internal job for the external result.”

“Our minds only know what we have taught them.”

“Our minds are set up to keep us safe and to protect ourselves from pain.”

“When I shifted that one area of my life, it shifted all of them.”

“You will see direct correlations between the way you eat and the way you live.”

“I love and accept myself exactly as I am.”

“Through awareness, we change.”

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