In this episode, Melissa Kathryn talks about falling in love with fitness. She starts off reading a poem she wrote to her body and shares about her journey of finding the gift in being fit and how she created a fit identity which she’s embodied for the past 22 years.

Melissa begins with the story of her childhood identity with not being an athlete or fit, in fact, her brother’s were the star soccer players and she was, as she describes herself, average at everything. Melissa shares how our beliefs create our identity and she was sick and tired of feeling “less than” because of her weight and wanted a new identity, one she felt proud of. She shares how her patterns and behavior followed suit whether she was choosing to be overweight and out of shape or fit and strong, and this was the beginning of her connecting to her body, mind and soul in a way she never had or even knew was possible.

Falling in love with fitness evolved into finding strength and self love for herself that has lasted a lifetime and she spurred her love for holistic nutrition, mastering your mindset and is what birthed her thriving business – helping other women do the same.

Melissa focuses on the healthy balance of fitness and food. She warns of the cycle of falling into dieting and fitness as a coping mechanism and teaches you how to assess your relationship with movement and food. From there, Melissa encourages you to allow your body to guide you what is right for you.

In conclusion, Melissa recommends some fun tips to start each day to shift you into the mindset of loving movement, and your body, in turn. In your journey to wholeness, Melissa would love for you to connect with her at ​

What You’ll Learn:

  • Identifying your relationship to movement
  • Recognizing symptoms of dieting and using fitness as a coping mechanism
  • Learning a fun exercise to begin each day with loving movement
  • Receiving some insightful tips on letting your body guide you to what’s right for you

Key Notes:

“I never really saw myself as an athlete.”

“The coolest thing about fitness is I found myself.”

“I liked the confidence, the feeling, surpassing my own limitations.”

“I want to set my body up for success. It doesn’t thrive in a body where you’re hating yourself.”

“Your thoughts show up and manifest in your body. We want to do everything we can to feed this temple.”

“Look at your relationship to movement.”

“I found my strength and lost my way and began receiving accolades. Guys and girls started looking at me differently. All of a sudden, I had this power.”

“If you have excess weight on your body, you’re eating more than your body needs.”

“Where we have a desire, our desire will get its needs met.”

“The dieting fed my belief that I wasn’t enough which fed my controller and perfectionist in me. Fitness became a way to control my weight.”

“I created an unhealthy relationship with the gym and it became my punishment for eating. My self worth was measured by me showing up in the gym and how many calories I burned.”

“If that is your only outlet for stress, we have to find other ways because injuries can happen and you need to be able to cope without a workout.”

“Being in your body is a gift.”

“It’s about taking that love for you to the next level.”

“Tell yourself you are more than this body and more than your thoughts.”

“It’s being in this body that will help you shed the excess weight.”

“You didn’t gain this weight overnight. You played a role in this.”

“Move your body in the morning.”

“Allow your body to guide you to the foods that are right for you, to the movement that’s right for you, the liquid you take in. She will guide you.”

“There is so much power in lifting weights.”

“Sign up at a gym for one of those free sessions with a trainer.”

“Once you learn some exercises, you will see your body dramatically change.


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