During this episode of the Wholeness podcast, Melissa Kathryn continues the conversation from last week about being in your feminine by describing what it looks like to own your worth. Many women, like those at the recent Weight Loss for Life retreat, struggle to empower themselves to be who they are deep inside and be open to the intuitive guidance that is available to them. One of the clearest demonstrations of this is the inability of most women to receive. For example to accept compliments without reciprocating.

As women, we have been brought up in the world to believe that we need to live into other people’s stories rather than writing our own, trying to fit into the boxes created by our parents or friends or role models, rather than fully embracing ourselves and standing in our worth and love.

Owning your worth and unapologetically knowing that you are more than enough exactly as you are, comes from establishing your own truth and being confident in who you are. The best way to get to the heart of your truth is to ask yourself these two questions: Who do I need to be to be happy now? What do I need to have in my life to be happy now?

Consider these questions in all aspects of your life and remove the harsh judgments that you might be prone to by instead approaching each day as if it is your last. With this perspective, you can choose to be happy and joyful without overanalyzing or obsessing over what you do not have.

The integration of faith into this mindset makes all the difference, helping you focus on something greater than yourself which will guide you to your highest joy and your best self.

Along this journey, it will be helpful to ground into your good feeling state. Think about a time when you felt the best in your life – the most worthy, the most loved, the most accepted, the most confident – and write down this experience. Refer back to it whenever you need to get grounded again in how you need to feel in order to cancel out negative thinking and unlock your light.

Melissa Kathryn then offers her description of the queen that all women should strive to be. The queen knows her worth and stands in it, dresses beautifully and exudes power, only eats nourishing food and always takes time for herself, uses her voice from her heart unapologetically, knows she is deserving of love, makes time for play and pleasure amidst her work, and she is mated with her own soul, whole and complete even without a partner. The queen confidently leads her kingdom because she is aligned and able to receive divine guidance to do so. You can be that queen.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Being in your feminine
  • Owning your worth
  • How to be the Queen
  • Choosing happiness
  • Practicing gratefulness
  • Grounding in your good feeling state

Key Notes:

“As women, we are so quick to put ourselves down before we are going to lift ourselves up.”

“A lot of what happens in life is we are living into stories that were never ours to begin with.”

“To own your worth, to stand confidently in who you are, is loving yourself unapologetically and unconditionally, being who you are unapologetically, and letting go of the stories and preprogramming and knowing that you are deserving and more than enough exactly as you are in this very moment.”

“There is no magic pill to be happy. You choose it.”

“You cannot think yourself into joy. You feel yourself into joy and into your worth.”

“Where we put our focus, our energy grows.”

“When we are always trying to control and plan, we cancel out universal Guidance.”

“The ego is only based on human experience that you’ve had.”

“You don’t need to have a mantra or affirmation.”

“The universe already knows all of the desires that you have, and they’re all waiting for you.”

“She could lead her kingdom because it was through that feminine flow, getting back into a creativity and feeling beautiful, that a queen was in aligned action and was able to receive divine guidance for what would be the best next steps for her kingdom.”

“She makes herself a priority and she makes her time a gift.”


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