Halloween is coming! I love this holiday. It’s so fun to get dressed up.

You know what’s not so fun? The Halloween hangover…not from alcohol but from going cra-cra on the candy bowl.

You and I both know that the candy may taste good going down but the sugar crash, belly fat and self-berating is sooo not worth it.

So let’s practice my 4 “E’s” for lasting weight loss and tons of fun!

Ease, Excitement, Effortless and Empowering…all the things you should feel when losing weight and getting fit.

Grab my top tips to put these into action and feel Hot & Healthy this Halloween!

Reminder: You are in control. You choose what you eat. You can have fun and still taste the treats without going overboard;)

14 Tips to Stay Hot & Healthy This Halloween (a.k.a – avoid the fat trap)!

halloween_candy1. When you ration out your kids’ candy, don’t hide it for yourself (ladies you know this stash kind of excites you, especially on those crazy days), Get rid of it. Throw it out. They don’t need it and neither do you.

2. Don’t buy Halloween candy, period. Would an alcoholic buy a bottle of vodka, put it on the counter, and hope he/she doesn’t drink it? The same applies to you. There is no such thing as willpower. Self-discipline is lost when we are low on sleep and the average woman is running on 5-6 hours…hello sugar cravings.

3. Skip the coffee on an empty stomach – Do not drink coffee first thing on an empty stomach and then head to the office because you will certainly be craving sugar. Instead, eat breakfast and save coffee for midday to give you a boost without craving the candy bowl!

4. Hydrate-Yup, it all comes back to water. Here’s the trick; flip the switch from hot to cold to keep your metabolism revved and your body burning extra calories while feeling fuller longer.

5. Cut cravings with lemons! Yes, these yellow beauties are not only known to lift your spirits but curb cravings, cut fat and detox your body naturally.

6. Fall is here – Ward off the winter weight gain with this nightly treat. Warm almond milk and add 1 tsp pf cinnamon to stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels, while speeding your metabolism and curbing your cravings for sweet and/or salty treats.

7. Tea time! Mint tea and cinnamon tea ease your cravings and your mind. Savor each sip.

8. Remove yourself from the temptation. It’s simple but so true. Why keep circling the kitchen? Go upstairs. Get away.

9. Get up and dance! Move your body. Yup, jumping jacks, burpees, running in place. Do this for 1 minute and the thought of candy will not be on your mind but getting in shape will. This is a quick way to realign yourself with your body, weight and wellness goals!

10. Make your own treats like dark chocolate bark with nuts and goji berries, brown rice crispy treats, popcorn with cocoa chocolate morsels and crushed nuts. These are just a few examples of how you can enjoy Halloween without partaking in the typical fan faves of sugar shock and weight gain from candies like candy corns, snickers, milk duds…

11. Go bite size! Cut your portions. This does not mean have 5 bite size 3 musketeers. Allow yourself to have 1 and savor it. Practice the art of mindful eating with small savory bites, sucking on each morsel and enjoying it!

12. Take it slow…freeze your candy! This means it takes you that much longer to eat each piece, which is more satisfying and gives your body time to tell you it’s full.

13. Press pause. Give yourself the gift of power. Don’t make anything off limits. Instead, tell yourself it’s free game and you can have whatever you want. Our subconscious mind doesn’t understand the word “No” so when we say “I will not eat any candy” your mind hears “I will eat candy”. You have no shot against your thoughts.

14. Before reaching for candy, pause and ask yourself, “Is this going to make me feel good at the end of today? What is it I really need right now? What is going on at this moment you don’t want to deal with or feel?”

I gave you several tips to use and choose from!

Out of these, which ones can you use now and speak to you most? Comment below! I’d love to know:)

Enjoy and send me your pics!