As you know, I was traveling these past few weeks – my Aries heart needed some adventure and as the desire hit, so did awesome biz opportunities (I’ll share more later;) that I was a HELL YES too, so I packed my bags and off I went.  

Now, I am a big planner and super organized, so doing this during Mercury Retrograde, I knew to allow and surrender to what would be – meaning I allowed for uncertainty and to trust in things coming to me.  

FYI – planning travel during a retrograde, what you need to know, is to be open to plans changing and things getting canceled, tech issues and more. 

So with that being said, I planned “enough” packed for “all the things” – this included:

  • Switching time zones
  • Changing climates
  • 2 Photo shoots (completely different where I styled myself)
  • A side fun trip to Sedona
  • Hiking and work out gear
  • Glam gear
  • Work gear
  • Planning travel for 5 different places 

While keeping it light enough to maneuver in cars, planes and more!

Most of all, as a nutritionist, I bring basically a mini all-natural health store with me…LOL.

So with all of this, I stay healthy, sane and stress-free and keep my same weight!

Do you want to know how? 

Watch below to know the exact things I do, to keep my routines, my weight and my happiness in check!

Those are the things I do to set myself up for success, stay in my routine and allow for fluidity without skipping a beat, or a workout;)

What about you? I know COVID is going on but when we start moving about again, what are your top tips?

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