I remember when I found out. It explained the difficulties I had in the simplest of tasks.

I usually don’t share this. In fact, I work hard to maneuver the difficulties, especially when I became an entrepreneur.

I have ADD and of most recent years I discovered I am dyslexic.

I don’t take medication. I’ve worked to train my brain (sounds easier than it is) but it hasn’t been without mistakes and frustration, i.e. countless newsletters to you with spelling errors!!! AGH!

Why does this matter to you and how does this apply to you living your best life in a body you love?

We all have reasons why we can’t. We all have obstacles and things we deal with daily that can be deemed as struggles OR we can acknowledge them and see how we can be stronger for them.

I had to learn how to work with ADD and dyslexia. I had to learn what I needed to be most successful and efficient and how to deal. I certainly didn’t want to beat myself up or go into “excuse mode”.

What are your current excuses?

Maybe you recently had your heart broken, or came from abuse? Your weight has been your life long struggle, no one understands you, or you’re not smart enough…?

Whatever it is, it’s the very reason you are struggling with your weight, playing small, and not creating the life and body you want.

“Excuses are comfort tied up in a pretty box filled with a lot of nothing”. They leave you pondering what could have been, sitting in a state of “Should have” “Could have” “What if”.

I could also play victim and make excuses for why I can’t, how it’s harder for me, why I’m bad with numbers and how everything takes me longer. You know where I would be if I listened to those voices? I wouldn’t be here talking to you. I would still be struggling with my weight, not fully living, and working at an unfulfilling job, wondering what could have been if I would have said “Yes”, stepped up and pushed myself to reach my full potential.

So how are you hiding? What excuses are you making? What cycle are you stuck in and what would it mean for you to break free?

I’m here to tell you all of this is in your control. The spinning you are doing is because you are caught in fear.

In what ways are you not full showing up for you? They don’t have to be huge, these can be as simple as always being late. Because how we do one thing, is how we do everything.

This week’s RADIANCE CHALLENGE is to help you identify simple triggers to shift your mentality into an empowered place and help put you in a state of action.

1. Write down excuses you make for yourself for why you are not fully living to your potential. Are you always late? Do you cancel last minute? Do you only stick with things for a few days and then quit? Do you tell lies often? You don’t speak your mind? You break off relationships quickly?

2. What do you want in your life right now that you are not going for?

3. What is your story around not creating this for yourself?

4. How does you not doing “X” show up for you in terms of food, your workouts, healthy lifestyle?

5. Write down 3 actions you can take this week to break yourself of this cycle/story/belief?

For example, this exercise could look like this:

1. I don’t use my voice.
2. I want to be more self-expressed.
3. What if people don’t like me? It’s hard for me. It’s easier to stay quiet.
4. I don’t ask for what I want or make myself a priority.
5. Start saying what’s on my mind each day, schedule my time and my workouts, speak up and order food I want and restaurant choices based on my preferences.

I’d love to see what comes up for you. Please share this exercise with me in the comments below.