There’s nothing wrong with you. 

You’re not broken. You’re metabolism isn’t shut down. You’re not too old. You don’t need more will power or discipline. You 100% do not need anymore information, you have enough to teach an army.

Truth – You’ve been dieting for so long you don’t trust yourself or your body to show up for you, to be able to lose weight. And, after so many failed attempts at lasting weight loss, i.e. going on 1 diet and having it work for you for life, you don’t trust anything will work.

Instead, you’ve spent the past X number of years beating your body down with negative self-talk, fad diets, deprivation and then cursing it for not giving you the body that you feel you’ve worked so hard for.

I know because I did the same thing and have thyroid issues and had adrenal fatigue among other gastrointestinal disorders that I had to heal as a result of it. 

So why the smack down?

Because you CAN change your body, you CAN lose the weight, you CAN stop fixating on food and feeling like food is controlling you. You can stop dieting all together! 

This is possible! I do this work with my private clients and in my group coaching programs. 

I know what the other side holds for you. 

Truth – Diets are band aids and will not give you lasting weight. Anyone can lose weight, why can’t they keep it off? 99% of all dieters gain the weight back within 1 year…there’s a reason.

Truth – You have to get to the root cause of why you started dieting and where it all went wrong.  Where did this start for you? The root cause is your key to being free from food.

Truth – Food is not just food to you, it has taken on human form by giving you emotions and experiences you want to feel in life, like comfort, love, companionship, escape, release, pleasure, joy, safety…

It’s time to be freed from food, free from dieting, to wake up and just have your day ahead of you without thinking about calories or not looking at yourself in the mirror.

I’m here to help and am offering you the chance to be coached by me for free for 30 minutes. These sessions will not be offered again for some time and limited space is available. 

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Finally learn why you keep sabotaging yourself, why you can’t lose weight for good. Let’s get you to the root cause and give you an action plan to be done with dieting once and for all!

Here’s what one coaching call did for a woman in our MK Community:

“In the very brief time we spoke, you honed in on what is keeping me the weight I am, why I can’t seem to drop below this weight and that I need to break up with my current relationship with food. It all makes total sense!”

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Radiantly Yours,