I spoke with a woman who came to me and said…

“Melissa, I woke up and don’t recognize my body.truthbomb

I looked in the mirror and I don’t know the woman starting back at me.

Where did my waist go?

When did I start dressing like I don’t care?

This is not the life I had planned for myself…

I don’t know where the years have gone but I know the woman I was has been lost and I’m ready to get her back!”


I heard the pain in her voice and I know she’s not alone.

This is a conversation I have often with women of all ages, as they share how they don’t trust their bodies, how life and weight loss feels like a struggle, and they’re tired . . .

I see these women in all of their brilliance and feel how life has them beat and then I hear them say, “I just want to feel good again”.

I don’t want you to just feel good. I coach women to get the body they used to have or live a life from their past. I coach women to get the best body they’ve ever had, to live a life better than they imagined.

We aren’t here to settle for fine. You deserve Fabulous!

When was the last time you did something just for you?

FYI – Mindless eating while zoning out to The Good Wife does not count;)

2016 is less than a day away. This is your time to reclaim your life and your body.

You are the creator of your life, your body, so what do you really want to happen?

Follow and complete the simple steps below to ensure you have your best year yet!

Play Big in 2016 with these simple steps to Reclaim Your Life & Your Body:

1. Take time TODAY (yes, I’m yelling) to get clear on what you want to experience this year.

2. Write yourself a letter or diary entry and date it December 31, 2016. Write a detailed account of everything that has happened a year from now. Think BIG. Ask for it all. Write it down. When you’re done writing it, read it aloud to yourself or a loved one and seal the letter. Put it some place safe to read a year from now. (You can also type your future letter and have it sent to you a year from today with this website https://www.futureme.org).

3. SUPER IMPORTANT: Get clear on the stories you are releasing and leaving in 2015. Any and all baggage, bad memories, limiting beliefs…anything that is sucking your joy, needs to go!

4. Write out #3 and then burn them and release it.

5. Remember you are the creator, so create an abundant, joyous, love-filled, healthy, happy, passionate masterpiece that is super juicy that you cannot wait to experience.

6. Feel the experience and sit with the vision until a smile appears.

7. Have fun with this process:)

8. Now you have created and manifested your 2016 dream year!

Wishing you your best year yet!

Here’s to one Hell of a 2016!