Ok, you know it’s getting a little out of control when your bills from amazon prime for books and audible are what makes up most of your spending, and you stay awake listening to Tim Ferris’s podcast.

I’m an audible, youtube, podcasting junkie…I love to fill my mind with knowledge, guidance and inspiration to stay motivated and aligned with the highest level of growth for myself.

Well…if you’re like me, and love learning and like what I have to share, then I want you to know the many places you can get more of me and catch up on missed content.

This is one area I give you full permission to binge away, the more you hear my words and voice in your head, the more it will help you! My clients tell me this all the time.

Here’s a full list of where you can go to get more of me based off of what you like…and who doesn’t want that ;)?


  1. Complimentary Mini Trainings to help you Lose Weight, Make Peace with Food, End Emotional Eating and Love You Now go here
  2. Free Video Trainings on my Youtube Channel
  3. Done With Dieting LIVE Trainings: If you missed any or want to watch them again, go here click on videos and they are all there for you


My books…

Eat Right For Your Archetype – go here to buy or download now. (please leave a review if you do;)

Sip Yourself Slim: The Healthy Girls Guide to Slim Down, Beautify & Achieve Optimal Health- 65 Water Infusions to for Your Slimming Pleasure  go here to order or download now. (please leave a review if you do 🙂

BlogsWeight Loss Wednesday & Fitness Friday Blogs go here. You’ve got over a decades worth…go nuts!


Recipes: Click here

Complimentary Sunday Food Prep Series (insert link)


Done With Dieting Podcast: Done With Dieting podcast is ALMOST here!!! YAY – get on the priority notification list here

FREE Daily Motivation & Inspiration with Monthly FREE Coaching:

Done With Dieting Exclusive Community: Click here to join today!

Not into community but want the tips: Go here

Peak into my personal life weekly on Instagram: Go here (I do lots of Insta-stories)

My team and I are constantly working to bring you consistent, new and most of all, helpful content that is going to support you in achieving your goals!

I know there are so many forms of communication out there now, I’d love to know, what’s your favorite for receiving information from me?

Is it via social media tips, blogs, podcasts, webinars, DWD LIVE…all of the above?

Write me back directly here and let me know, so I can make sure to give you more of what speaks to you in a format that has the greatest impact.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend! Binging on me will only help you get closer to your goals…that’s a promise 😉

Much Love,