How many times have you started to lose weight, see some results and then sabotage yourself?

I have women reach out often because they’re starting to see changes in their body and noticing weight loss but they fear going back to their “old” or “bad” ways.

In today’s Weight Loss Wednesday video I give you my Top 4 Tips on How to Continue Losing Weight & Stay Committed to yourself and your weight loss/health goals!

In today’s video I shared these Top 4 Tips:

  1. Solidify The Change: Too often we are focused on getting to the end result, that we’ve never made it a lifestyle change or celebrated ourselves along the way.  When we don’t do this, there is no real change.
  2. Create Your Own Personal Roadmap For Success: Everyone’s body and lifestyle are different, which is why I teach my clients to know how to trust their bodies, connect with what works for them and feels good, this goes for food and lifestyle choices.  In doing so, you release weight effortlessly and you’re working aligned with your body, not against it.
  3. Queens Jar: This is my favorite thing ever! Create a jar, called your “Queens Jar” (yes, you’re a queen;) and put money in the jar each day that you take care of you, Ex: move your body, eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full, do your mirror work…At the end of the month, pull the money out of the jar and buy yourself something that makes you feel beautiful, get your nails done, a massage, whatever makes you feel incredible!
  4. Celebrate: Celebrate you and every step you take for yourself towards your goals! It’s in the recognition of one’s self and the things we do to honor and love ourselves that we find the deep love that frees us from food, self-judgement and disconnection from the amazing women we are.

I hope you enjoyed this Weight Loss Wednesday video! If so, let me know in the comments here!

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Love you girl!


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