I’ve lost the weight before, why does this time feel so hard?

I’ve literally tried everything and nothing seems to work, not long enough that I get to enjoy the weight loss!

There has to be something wrong with me, my thyroid or hormones, maybe I’m too old, or I’ve dieted too much???

I need to cut all carbs…should I go Paleo?

I am so sick of feeling this way…

If you’re sitting there and can relate to these and are struggling to lose weight, then get my super simple steps and insights into why your weight isn’t budging and what to do about it here:

  1. Hunger Test: Are you truly eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full? If the answer is no (I bet it is;) then that is the difference between you and 5-20 pounds. Let the hunger pains come, hear a growl…ladies we are too eager to eat the minute we think we are hungry. Leave the protein bar in your bag…wait to have a real meal or a solid snack that you can sit and eat.
  1. Morning Metabolism: Are you waking up hungry after a night of fasting? If the answer is no then you ate too close to bed, ate too much for dinner or need to jumpstart your metabolism.
  1. Carbs are not evil: You need carbs but there is an impact that comes from the time of day you eat them. Carbs are meant for energy. It’s best to have them in the morning and afternoon while you are moving more and need the energy and can burn through it. If you are eating the bulk of your carbs at night and not burning them off before bed then they are being stored as fat.
  1. Power Up Your Protein: The majority of women do not eat enough protein. You should consume 20 grams of protein at each meal, that is 3-4 oz; the size of your palm. This is just a gauge and is dependent upon your fitness level. If you are lifting heavy, 3-4x per week aim for 4-5 oz.

*Protein builds lean muscle, keeps you fuller longer and will help you burn fat.

  1. Beauty Sleep: There’s a reason why so many studies connect weight loss and weight maintenance with 8-9 hours of sleep. There’s also reason why they call it beauty sleep. It is proven that the later you get to bed, the more you wreak havoc on your metabolism, consume more calories and have restless sleep.

*Ladies get your shut eye to drop pounds, age backward and de-stress.

6. Chug it: Water needs to be your best friend. Again your body is comprised of water, drink a minimum of 3 liters…yes 3, to keep you satiated, help your lose weight and detoxify the body.

*Buy 1 liter and fill it up buttercup…add fruit for flavor. You know I’m a huge fan of this.

  1. Sugar is the Devil: That’s all. It turns into fat, I’m not talking the good kind. Fruit is great, but that too is best when eaten for energy not before bed.

*Please note: This is guidance, I can’t stress enough that you have to know your body and know what works for you. I have a client where a banana before bed is ideal and helps her sleep.

  1. Journal: If you don’t know what you’re eating, when or how often, then how do you know what is working for you or what isn’t? Same thing with your fitness level. You have to be clued in and connected to you for anything to work.
  1. True or False: Have you really followed through on your fitness and food plan 100% before calling it quits? Before you go beating yourself up, get real with yourself and be honest.
  1. Keep it simple: Ladies go back to the basics, stop overcomplicating it. You do not need to know ratios, macros, have 50 supplements nor a complex workout routine. Move more, eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full, don’t eat your bulk before bed, sleep and drink water.

Ditch your diet mentality today, get more support here to get the weight off and keep it there without depriving.

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You can do this!