I never understood when people would say “Make peace with food” until I realized, the last thing I felt with food was peace.

I was always in a love/hate relationship with food.

I either loved it and once I started eating it, I couldn’t seem to stop OR I was loathing food. Loathing it for making my thighs too big and my butt sag, for my stomach having extra roles…

I blamed food AND didn’t know how to live without using it to help me cope with life, to fill my lonely nights, to ease my stress, to comfort me when I was sad or celebrating.

Now that I have full food freedom, I know what it means to make peace with food and girrrrl, holy shit (excuse the language) but it’s so powerful!

Food is fuel, fun comes from life, comfort comes from me, love comes from me and food can be enjoyed guilt free.

Are you ready for this?

Ready to experience making peace with food?

This is what my clients experience, this is what my Weight Loss For Life program teaches! If you’re interested, go here to get on the waitlist now!

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How To Make Peace with Food:

  1. Food Is Fuel: Food can only be viewed as food when you really begin to shift your relationship and see how everything you put into your body impacts your energy level, mental clarity, mood as well as your weight. Start to take notice of what foods, fuel you best. Before you take your next bite or make your next meal, ask yourself 2 Questions: “How do I want to feel at the end of this meal? Is this meal going to give me that result?”
  2. Connect with Food: Food has energy. Before eating, close your eyes, notice how your body feels, slow down, take a deep breathe and tell your body that it’s about be fueled and it’s going to eat only until it’s comfortably full. It will enjoy each moment and that you are lovingly nourishing your body. Remember, your body is a temple, take care of it! Be the Queen of your palace;)
  3. Track Your Food/Mood: My clients receive custom MK food/mood trackers from me, designed for their lasting weight loss and food freedom success. The reason, tracking how you feel before you eat vs. after you eat, helps you to clearly identify what foods work best for your body, when you are connected.

Do these 3 Steps, practice them daily for 1 week and notice how your relationship with food and yourself dramatically shifts. You will be amazed!


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