My goal is to guide you to end your war with weight once and for all. No more body bashing or cycles of self­-sabotage and fad diets. It’s time for you to live your best life now, knowing you’re worthy of all you desire and so much more. Click below and we’ll do this together.


Hello Beautiful, you’ve arrived! Now let’s get to know each other… I’m Melissa, a passionate holistic Weight Loss & Transformation Coach, specializing in emotional eating, empowering you to become the best version of you! I serve women as Fitness Guru, Mindset Master and Forever Fashionista (I have other tricks up my sleeve I’ll share as we get better acquainted). This is your ONE-STOP to get your desires met! Simply said, I’m on a mission to inspire women of all sizes to break free from yo-yo dieting and deprivation to truly love themselves more than ever. Because lady love, when that happens, the weight slips off effortlessly, your confidence skyrockets, and a blissed out transformation unfolds all by itself.

It’s time to move away from “wanting and dreaming”, and into a place of “having and believing”.

leah“No exaggerations and no gimmicks…in three months, people have told me my entire body has changed. I eat everything I want making lots better choices and totally based on my hunger level and with health in mind, using Melissa’s “food is fuel” mantra. I feel so much healthier and so much more at peace. Trust me, Melissa works. She really gets into your brain to get you to fix everyt hing from the inside, out, so your mindset drives the alteration of your body so you can get the results you want. It’s weight-loss, redefined!”