Hi lady love! 

This is a video I was asked to do and I know if one of the women in my community is struggling, then she’s not alone.  

There are 2 parts of guidance that I recorded for her.  This is part 1.  I know this information will support you with sugar and all cravings, to better understand them and reduce or eliminate them all together.  

By the way, it all starts in the mind.  Draw the line in the sand around foods that serve you and hurt you.  Don’t give yourself an inch, if you know you’ll take a mile.  

You can change your relationship to food and your experience of it at any time.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • How to beat sugar – the exact 4 steps needed
  • Head cravings vs. heart craving
  • Discover what your cravings are really telling you
  • Head cravings vs. heart craving

Sugar is another substitution for what it is you REALLY want to feel.  When you identify what you want to feel, you’re able to provide this for yourself without needing to turn to food.

Without taking these steps, you will continue to swap one substance for another, never feeling fulfilled.

The fulfillment lies within.  Addiction of any kind comes from self-rejection – I’m calling you to self-connection.  That is your answer.

May your love for you be greater than what is in front of you.  

Please remind yourself, you are enough now, whatever is going on for you, will not be healed with food, it will still be there when the food is gone.

This is not comfortable at first, because your mind will want you to do what you’ve always done.

But remember – in order to become who you’ve always wanted to be, you have to do the opposite of what you’ve done.

Your goal is to connect, feel and allow yourself to be with whatever is coming up for you that you are wanting to not feel or suppress.

It may be simply entertainment, and it’s your goal and intention if you choose, to know your health, happiness and personal accountability are more important than the instant fix from food.