We love Friday’s and what better day to get your mind on track with fitness going into a weekend! 

I’m sure you’re seeing tons of “new fall workouts to lose X pounds in X days”.  My motto is, do it once and do it right.  Why make getting fit a lifelong struggle? Instead, here is how my clients and I, shifted from fitness being a “have to” to  a “get to”, and how you can too, with these simple shifts to get you losing the negative mindset and those extra pounds!

In order to drop the weight and really reshape your body, it’s about:

  • Find fitness you love! Yes, fitness can be something you LOVE. It’s the pain you’ve associated with it that makes it feel undesirable. What if, you found workouts, that made you feel sexy and delicious, alive and energizes, peaceful and at one with your body? This is what I teach my Weight Loss For Life women and these are the workouts I do, from yoga, to dance, to pole dancing to African to running, hiking, lifting heavy, I enjoy all of it, because I love being in my body. 
  • Keep it simple! Ladies, go back to the basics! You do not need fancy equipment and upscale classes.  You need you, music and a workout outfit you feel good in, get your shoes on and move your thang!
  • Plan Ahead! Nothing happens if you don’t plan for it, you will find an excuse.  Make a no excuse policy and make it a really damn good reason, like…
  • “I love myself so much that I know I am better when I take care of me, for everyone in my life, especially those I love most.” That sounds like a really great reason to me! De-stress, be happy, connect and find joy in the movement.  It is addictive when you see it through a different lens 😉
  • Make it a lifetime, not a temporary fix! This is by far one of the main reasons I see people yo-yo diet and struggle to get the body they want and keep it.  It’s your life, you only have one body, take care of it for life, not only for 30 days.
  • Meet yourself where you’re at, not where you want to be! You have to set yourself up for success, not failure.  If you’re not consistently working out, why would you tell yourself you’re committing to 7 days? It won’t happen or won’t last and then you’ve proven to yourself that you can’t do it.  Leaving you feeling worse than when you started.  Meet yourself where you are, add day and go from there.

Follow these simple, easy and practical tips and you’ll be on your way to the body you’ve been wanting!



Have a fabulously fun, fall Friday! (Lol way too many “F’s”) 

Radiantly Yours,

P.S. Fitness Friday will consist of workouts, written and videos, along with the mindset to make it stick! Stay tuned, my team and I are cooking up good stuff for you!