Mt team and I pulled the top-rated shows of the wholeness podcast for you to binge away on, upgrade your  mindset and declare some powerful intentions for the New Year!

Check them out below!

Wholeness Podcast Episode 62: Living An Unconventional Life: How to trust your gut your gut, get out of your head and be a YES to your dreams!

Wholeness Podcast Episode 61: Celebrity Stylist talks body love, dressing every body type, finding your style motherhood and entrepreneurship – The Art of Having It All!

Wholeness Podcast Episode 59: How To Believe When You Doubt Yourself

Wholeness Podcast Episode 60: The Power of Appreciation: How to Love Where You Are To Create What You Want!

Wholeness Podcast Episode 58: #1 Most Powerful Action to Get What You Want Now!

Wholeness Podcast Episode 64: How to Take Your Mind, Body & Life to the Next Level with Dr. Jade Teta (Must listen for the holidays!)

Wholeness Podcast Episode 63: Epic Love That Lasts: Sex, Intimacy & Family: How to Have It All and Keep Love Alive (even during a pandemic)

Wholeness Podcast Episode 65: Discover Your Soul Vision & Mission with Special Guest Emily Rivera

Episode 67: Love, Covid, Conscious Communication and Thriving in a pandemic together with Christine Hassler

Episode 66: Celebrity Medical Intuitive Dr. Olivia Audrey on Health, Self-Healing, Mindset & Living Your Best Life Now!


Holiday Love & HUGE Hugs,